Objective Finance

About nine month’s ago, my hubs (Mr. Mula) and I decided to take back our lives to get out of the monotony of the corporate workweek.  Although we have been tracking our net worth for several years, we just started our first budget. The initial goal was to ensure we could survive on just one of our salaries in case one of us got fed up and decided to leave of cushy corporate jobs.

We began doubling our monthly savings with simple lifestyle adjustments. Then, we started reading blogs about Finance Independence Retire Early (FIRE) and personal investment strategy books. Although these were helpful insights, we quickly realized there is no one size fits all approach.  We’re also not quite ready to retire – we’re in our thirties, recently married, no kids, and like certain aspects of our day jobs.

Our approach is about objective finances.


(adjective) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

(noun) a thing aimed at or sought; a goal.


(noun) the management of large amounts of money.

Objective finance is about being pragmatic. Getting into the details, but also being able to see the big picture. Taking steps every day to achieve small and big milestones to maximize and manage our personal wealth over time. Here are the fundamentals to our personal finance approach:

  • Using historical data to create unbiased financial baseline.
  • Equip with knowledge & tools to analyze & interpret past performance
  • Benchmark your financial position to highlight strengths & weakness and identify risks & opportunities
  • Layout your financial roadmap with clear & attainable goals
  • Schedule time to monitor your progress.
  • Flex your approach over time.

We look forward to sharing our personal financial journey and getting your feedback of what’s working for you!

Questions, Comments, Thoughts?